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Frequently Asked Question

Where is the Shivanna cruise located?

Benoa harbour

What time is the departure time?

Departure is at 16.30

What time should I arrive for check-in and boarding?

Check in is at 16.00

Are there any transportation services available from our location to the departure point?

We don’t provide, but we can help to arrange with additional charge

What is the minimum age requirement for passengers aboard the cruise?


What items are prohibited onboard the cruise ship?

Weapons, Pets, Illegal substance/ drugs, food and drinks from outside

Can my group be seated together, or do we need to purchase a table?

To ensure your group can be seated together, it's recommended to purchase a table. This ensures that you have dedicated seating for your group and can enjoy the experience together without worrying about finding available seats.

What is the dress code? Are there any specific items of clothing or attire that are prohibited during the cruise?

The dress code for the cruise is smart casual. We recommend dressing comfortably yet stylishly. While there are no specific items of clothing prohibited, we ask guests to refrain from wearing swimwear, flip-flops, heels or overly casual attire to maintain the ambiance of the cruise.

How can I book my reservations?

By our megatix link : or contact our WhatsApp through this link: to confirm your booking and details.

Can I book the whole cruise for my private event?

You can contact our whatsapp and it will automatic connect you to our sales team

How far in advance should I make a reservation before the event date?

We recommend making your reservation as early as possible to secure your spot, especially for popular dates or events or high seasons

Can special arrangements be made for celebrating special occasions onboard?

Yes, special arrangements can be made for celebrating special occasions onboard, especially for private charters. Our charter experience is highly customizable and tailored to your specific preferences and requirements. Whether it's a birthday celebration, anniversary, or any other special event, we can work to create a memorable experience.

What happens if it rains during my visit?

In the event of rain, we have indoor space available that can accommodate up to 80 guests. Additionally, for those who still wish to enjoy the upper deck, we provide raincoats and umbrellas to ensure the party keeps going, come rain or shine. If bad weather occurs during the cruise, our course of action will be determined by the harbor master, typically based on factors like swell and storm conditions. However, if it's just rain and deemed safe by the authorities, we'll continue cruising around Benoa Harbor, where the seas are calmer.

What dietary accommodations are available onboard, including options for halal, vegetarian, or customized meals?

Dietary accommodations can be arranged upon request. Guests are encouraged to inform us of any dietary restrictions or preferences in advance, including halal, vegetarian, or other customized meal options. Our team will do their best to accommodate your needs.

Am I allowed to bring a camera or drone onboard?

Guests are welcome to bring cameras onboard to capture memorable moments. However, drones are not permitted for safety reasons.

What should I do if I lose something during the cruise? Is there a lost and found service available?

While our team will make every effort to assist guests in locating lost items, guests are responsible for their belongings. If you lose something during the cruise, please notify our staff immediately. We will do our best to help you locate the lost item, but we cannot guarantee its recovery.

What payment methods are accepted onboard?

We accept Cash, Visa and Mastercard for onboard payments.

Does my booking include any insurance coverage?

Yes, guest insurance coverage is included with your booking. This provides protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies during the cruise.