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Private Boat Charter in Bali by Shivanna: An Exquisite Luxury


Bali has recently received a new gem in its crown of maritime offerings: Shivanna, a 40-meter-long remodeled Phinisi-style motor yacht designed for the indulgence of those looking for elevated ways to experience the island. 

Setting sail from charming Jimbaran Bay, the opulent Shivanna invites those in pursuit of the extraordinary. Shivanna offers a world of exclusive private boat charter experiences, redefining elegance on the Bali seascape. 

Setting the stage for an unforgettable journey, Shivanna prides itself as an excellent newcomer offering private boat charters in Bali second to none. Awaiting your arrival at the embarkation point in Kedonganan, Jimbaran, this vessel embodies sophistication, promising a bespoke escape that resonates with the discerning traveler.

Experience the exceptional private boat charters in Bali by Shivanna

From the very first step onto the ship’s deck, guests are greeted by a team of experienced professionals, ready to provide first-rate service. Refreshing drinks and exquisite canapes are served as you step aboard, setting the tone for the unparalleled voyage that lies ahead. 

A private boat charter journey with Shivanna will take you to set toward the breathtaking beauty of Uluwatu and Tanah Lot, two of Bali’s most coveted cruise spots. The charm of these iconic destinations takes on a new dimension when experienced from the serene vantage point of Shivanna’s deck. 

Enveloped by the endless expanse of the Bali Sea, you’ll witness nature’s allure accompanied by the soothing strains of live music that serenade your private boat charter voyage. And of course, the private boat charter allows you to soak up all the elegance and charm surrounded by only your favorite people. 

Shivanna’s commitment to crafting an extraordinary private boat charter experience becomes even more evident as you explore the vessel’s meticulously designed spaces. The main and upper decks, boasting a chic nature-inspired design, offer an unobstructed panorama of the surrounding ocean. 

shivanna private boat charter

For moments of intimate indulgence, the stylish indoor lounges offer a private oasis, complete with a well-stocked bar and state-of-the-art amenities. Combining luxury and comfort in every corner, Shivanna ensures a private boat charter that is outstanding in all facets. 

Beyond its captivating vistas and stylish contemporary designs, Shivanna introduces an array of perks that further elevate the Bali yacht rental experience to an unparalleled level. From live DJ sessions that set the tone for an amazing journey to delectable food and drinks to complement your indulgence on a Bali yacht experience to remember. 

The passionate team at Shivanna will ensure that guests are pampered with a delightful canape reception, carefully crafted signature cocktail or mocktail, and mouthwatering barbeque dinners. 

And if those do not suit your event, you can always discuss the details for your bespoke private boat charter experience with the dedicated team. The team will assist you in planning the perfect Bali yacht experience you and your loved ones deserve.

Host your private Bali yacht party: there is plenty of time and space on board the cruise!

Shivanna embraces the concept of a private boat charter in Bali as an opportunity for guests to curate their adventure amid the majestic shades of blue to perfection. With a capacity of 150 passengers, the vessel makes an excellent venue for your Bali yacht party, be it a grand celebration or an intimate gathering. The moment you decide to opt for a private boat charter in Bali with Shivanna, exclusive lounges, a vibrant cocktail bar, and a panoramic top deck all await your creative ideas. 

A private boat charter in Bali with Shivanna offers a five-hour cruise. And as mentioned above, the itinerary is tailored to suit your wishes. If you are not sure how those five wonderful hours can be spent most sensationally, you can have a look at the day cruises offered by Shivanna, and who knows it will provide you with some inspiration for your very own private Bali yacht experience. 

private party on a yacht in bali

Shivanna also creates magical moments with their phenomenal Champagne Brunch Cruise and Sunset Cocktail Cruise. Thus, you can imagine the amazing events you can create with the entire yacht rental for yourself and your guests. 

With your own ideas, adjustments, additions, and of course, a private boat charter allowing your very own guest list, you can create a remarkable event to remember. Whether it is merely a celebration of life on the island or a moment as huge as your wedding, a Bali yacht event on board the elegant Shivanna makes an extraordinary, hence unforgettable, moment.

Shivanna offers private boat charters with excellent value for money

Shivanna stands as a luxurious cruise experience, unwavering in its commitment to delivering five-star services that redefine the experience of private boat charters in Bali. Yet, amidst its lavish offerings, Shivanna maintains a focus on delivering exceptional value to its clientele. This ideal approach is evidenced by its competitive pricing, a testament to its dedication to ensuring that the first-rate Bali yacht rental is offered at affordable rates. Find out more here!

Be it a gathering with your closest ones, milestone celebrations, or even corporate events, Shivanna welcomes you to a voyage that caters to your wishes, assuring you a private boat charter in Bali that truly captures the timeless charm of the island.

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