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Things to Do in Bali for Solo Travellers

solo travelling in bali

For many years solo travellers have been favouring the Island of Gods as their go-to destination.  When it comes to travelling, some people prefer to go alone while some prefer to travel in a group or with their partner. Hence, some people have been asking questions regarding solo travel in Bali. So, here goes!

Arriving in Bali

By doing some web research, you may quickly discover how to get to Bali and the accommodation options that suit you best. Either you choose to fly by plane or by ferry boat from Java, you will immediately sense the magical feeling from the beauty of the island.

Now before we get to our main topic, here are several useful things to know before arriving in Bali.

  • Purchase a local SIM card at the airport for internet access and to stay connected.
  • Have some local currency (Indonesian Rupiah) on hand for immediate expenses like transportation or food upon arrival.
  • To get around in Bali, you can rent a scooter or motorcycle, get a cab, or use ride-sharing services, which are widely available, especially in tourist areas. Overall, choose the mode of transportation that best suits your needs and comfort level.

Here’s a list we’ve created for things to do in Bali for solo travellers

Experience the Bali Culture

tampak siring holy spring temple
  • Enroll in a Balinese cooking class.
  • Explore Bali’s stunning temples, such as Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple, Besakih Temple, and Tirta Empul. Each offers a unique glimpse into Balinese spirituality and architecture.
  • Attend a traditional dance performance, such as the Barong dance in Ubud or the Kecak dance at Uluwatu Temple.
  • Visit the Ubud Monkey Forest, a sanctuary to hundreds of playful long-tailed macaques.
  • Stroll through Ubud art market

Surfing and Beach Hopping

uluwatu beach in bali

Kuta Beach
A popular spot for beginner surfers, Kuta is also great for socializing and meeting other travelers.

Seminyak Beach
With a more upscale beach experience, enjoy the chic beach clubs, where you can relax, swim, and sip cocktails while watching the sunset.

Experienced surfers should not miss Uluwatu, renowned for its impressive waves and stunning cliffside views.


Party on a Luxury Yacht

the shivanna sunset cocktail cruise in bali

Board The Shivanna yacht party and experience luxury and excitement against the backdrop of the island's stunning coastline. You will cruise through the azure waters of the Indian Ocean as the warm tropical sun casts a golden glow across the deck and, dancing to upbeat music. And as the sun sets, you can sip your wine or cocktail while lying on comfortable loungers and eating gourmet meals cooked by onboard chefs. It will be a breathtaking experience.

Check out the schedule here!

Adventure Activities

outdoor activities in bali
  • Hike up Mount Batur and witness the magnificent sights of the sunrise over the volcano.
  • Try activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, and snorkeling in Nusa Dua. The clear waters and vibrant marine life make it an ideal spot for aquatic adventures.
  • Join a white-water rafting tour.

Relaxation and Self-Care

yoga in bali
  • Join a yoga class to rejuvenate your mind and body or indulge in a spa treatment at one of Bali’s many luxurious spas.
  • Join a meditation retreat to find inner peace and relaxation. Bali offers numerous retreats, ranging from a few hours to several days, catering to different levels of experience.

Meet Other Travelers

balinese house
  • Stay at social hostels or guesthouses known for their friendly atmosphere. Some accommodations organize events and activities, making it easy to meet other travellers.
  • Participate in group tours and excursions, group activities are a fantastic way to make new friends and share experiences.
  • Check out local events and meetups through digital platforms. From yoga sessions to cultural workshops, these events provide opportunities to connect with like-minded travellers.

Shopping and Nightlife

shopping in bali

Explore Bali’s vibrant markets and boutique shops. Ubud, and Canggu are great places to shop for unique fashion, art, and souvenirs.

Experience Bali’s dynamic nightlife scene. From beach clubs in Uluwatu (or Seminyak) to lively bars in Kuta, there are plenty of venues to enjoy a night out.


Pros and Cons of Solo Travelling in Bali

Solo traveling in Bali offers unique and enriching experiences for adventurers seeking independence and self-discovery. One of the pros of solo travelling in Bali, is the freedom to craft your own itinerary, allowing you to explore the island's diverse attractions at your own pace.

However, there are also cons such as safety concerns, especially for solo female travellers, and the potential for loneliness or isolation. Navigating unfamiliar environments alone can also be challenging at times.

Overall, while solo traveling in Bali can be incredibly rewarding, it's essential to exercise caution, stay informed, and be prepared for both the highs and lows of the journey.

So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on an unforgettable solo journey to Bali!

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